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Who is DC Donut Bakery?

About Us

We are a global B2B company that combines superior ingredients with the latest technology to produce artisan-style donuts that people across the world can enjoy. While you’ll find many traditional favourites in our product line, we also offer trending flavours born out of culinary artistry and client demand.

All of our products are

Thaw & Serve

Donuts are delivered frozen and fully finished. Our products have a shelf life of 6 months frozen at -18°C and 5 days ambient within clamshell.

Yeast Raised Donuts

Transform experiences into extra-special (and delicious) moments with our classic and premium style donuts. Choose from a variety of flavours like Honey Glazed, Chocolate Boston, Twist Donuts, Sprinkle Rings and more! 

Cake Donuts and Crullers

Our diverse selection of cake donuts including Sour Cream, Red Velvet, Vanilla, and Chocolate have our customers grinning with nostalgia!


These donuts are irresistible thanks to their combination of rich dough, cinnamon, and chunks of sweet apples or blueberries.


A ‘twist’ on an old favourite, these handcrafted treats can be glazed with cinnamon or dusted with sugar!

Long Johns

We offer chocolate, sugar-coated, and maple versions of our cream-filled Long Johns for a sweet start to the day or a delicious pick-me-up!

In addition to the year-round favourites, we create:

Innovative and Trending Flavours

Our R&D team stays ahead of a rapidly expanding industry by creating the trends instead of following them. If there’s anything new and exciting in the world of donuts, your customers will be among the first to know!

Product Line Extensions

We aren’t afraid to take risks and experiment in order to achieve new solutions and create new products tailored to what our customers need and what the market is looking for.


seasonal offerings

We specialize in unique flavours that add sweetness and celebration to each season. Our seasonal favourites will spice up your bakery offerings and delight your consumers!

We are proud of our products, teams, and the knowledge and expertise gained during our many years in business.

Our Customers Come First

Customer dedication

DC Donut Bakery prides ourselves on creating the highest-quality, artisanal donuts. Our team of employees and network of partners are treated as part of the DC family and are core to our success. We promise to always consider the needs of our customers as our top priority. We will continue working together as a team and providing both niche and commercial markets with the superior products they need to satisfy their customers. Thank you for putting your trust in us.

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